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Choosing the right business model is primary in every business plan! A perfect business model can be a powerful ally in the battle against your competitors and in hitting your target market. This will help you to figure out a bulletproof list to validate a business model with whomever you would potentially partner with and meet their business objectives. HRTrace focusses on choosing a real-time business model adoption for the new and migration for the already using traditional approaches!

We, as a company have evolved to embrace different models that suit different business needs. HRTrace has proved to be successful in remotely monitoring and managing customer requirements. We offer a portfolio of services representing multiple partner models. We provide a mix of managed services that include consulting as well!

We help you partner successfully

We work together with you to access a broader range of technologies by extending the range of services we provide. Our services will remain intangible to you because we help you manage a specific part of your business, thus enabling you to focus more on core business concerns.

Our professional services provide you with:

  • Primary line of business models from which you can choose from
  • Services as an add-on value driver along with the core offering

Tired of billable-hours basis model? Try HRTrace

Most professional services you encounter today are either invoiced on a billable-hours basis or are too pricey! Catch a glimpse on the valuable subscription business models of HRTrace and you will never let go. The various models are

  • Channel partner model
  • Software partner model
  • Industry partner model

Are you looking for the features listed below?
Find them on HRTrace

Is researching a good business opportunity a plague that confuses you to decide on which subscription model to choose from? Find it easy by choosing HRTrace that will reward you with the following benefits out of the many it provides:

Pricing Cost effective and set to achieve business goals

A cost-effective strategy in adopting a subscription model helps in acquiring new customers and in increasing rapport among the existing customers. An ideal price point suggested by HRTrace provides you with the following features:

  • Functionality
  • Metered according to usage levels
  • Must reward loyalty
  • Free trials
  • Virtual coupons
  • Focussed on particular geographic regions
  • Early-bird offers
  • Partner promotions
  • Specific short-term and long-term commitment
  • Both static and dynamic monthly/yearly subscription price

Strong customer base HRTrace helps in achieving deeper customer relationships.

Most companies, unlike HRTrace generate just 15 to 25 percent of their revenues from brand new customers. Customer service business forms the core of a strong subscription business model. HRTrace helps maintaining a sustainable recurring revenue and increase by helping you build a strong customer base. Features ensured by HRTrace include the following:

  • 24/7 support service
  • Monitoring customer usage
  • Adoption to migrate churn risk
  • Intuitive tools to manage customer accounts
  • Free management throughout the online subscription cycle
  • Changes to existing subscription to increase subscription economy
  • Promoting renewals, add-ons and upgrades

Visibility into the right target crowd HRTrace boosts up the revenue

Revenue recognition is equally important. It provides a visibility into customer value of your subscription business. Features of HRTrace that make your business to constantly evolve are the following:

  • Recurring profit margins
  • Increase in growth efficiency index
  • Good retention rates of existing customers
  • Premium dashboard that does checks frequently
  • Easy metrics and logistics availability and ensures it is done

Easy Iterations with HRTrace

HRTrace offers a flexible and dynamic iteration strategy goal in its subscription business model. This can be iterated rapidly in order to maximize subscriber needs and market shares. Features are as listed below:

  • Efficiency in subscription packaging
  • Existing customer opportunity maximization
  • New customer generation
  • Recurring pricing model
  • Sustainability in subscription offering
  • Rapidly iterating deployment

Revenue Boosts and Hitting the Right Target Market

Generating financial statements forms the base for every business. Manual spreadsheets are definitely not the perfect solution. Streamlining the accounting process is the closest way to boost revenue by hitting the target market. Features include the following:

  • Can handle a vast number of order transactions
  • Increase in revenue
  • Hits the target market without fail
  • Results in an increase in billings
  • Varied from general ledgers in handling financial statements
  • No manual spreadsheets required
  • Helps in streamlining the accounting close process
  • Maintains compliance

Minimize your write-offs with HRTrace

Consumers either pay you cash or credit upfront. Else they will have an alternate credit line for the same. Either ways, these two approaches do not give a significant value. HRTrace provides the best solution by automating optimized cash collection. Thus, it maximizes collections in addition to minimizing write-offs. Features includes the following:

  • Involves a host of payment gateways to assess and implement
  • Ensures recurring payments
  • Automates cash collection
  • Maximizes collections
  • Minimizes write offs
  • Promotes sales including overseas sales
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Ensures efficient collection paths

Billings on a Huge Scale

A billing system must be able to ensure easy and accurate bill calculation. HRTrace enables easy and simple to understand billing strategies. Features include:

  • Forms the main branding collateral
  • Error free bill generation
  • Easy calculation including different billing dates
  • Bills new customers efficiently at sale
  • Helps maintain a transparent and long-lasting customer relationship

Seamless User Experience for B2B & B2C companies

Whether online or mobile, signing up for a particular subscription model should be possible across these multiple channels. Features that HRTrace ensures include the following:

  • Automated workflows across multiple channels whether online or mobile
  • Supports customer required strategies (Multi-channel support)
  • Fast and simple
  • Ensures a fine-tuned and easy usage of sales models

Channel Partner Model Secure your channel business with HRTrace!

Imagine a flat 30% off on your first specific subscriptions! Partnering was never this smooth without a doubt. With HRTrace, Channel partner business models simply evolved over time. When trying to figure out which business model to choose from, it is worthwhile to consider channel companies that help customers boost their efficiency and meet their business objectives. HRTrace provides the top strategies solution that providers can easily leverage either when starting or transit to!

HRTrace focusses on advising customers on choosing a real-time business model adoption and migration strategy. HRTrace partners in order to sell specific relevant technologies and services through a co-branding relationship. We aim at generic technology areas-including mobility, security and collaboration.

HRTrace emphasizes on the following steps while it partners a successful subscription model:

  • Well-defined value proposition
  • Creation of a customer core sales phenomenon
  • Identification of benchmark competitors
  • Identifying success factors
  • Analysing the different success and risk factors
  • Defining motivation elements and drivers
  • Defining a framework
  • Building a partner strategy
  • Deploying a marketing strategy
  • Defining ways to ensure success
With all the above go-to strategy of a proven successful business model in mind, HRTrace has defined the following:
  • A flat 30 % off on the subscription costs for the first 24 months.

The Benefits are:

  • Good for small or medium sized companies.
  • Advisable for short-term projects with clear and well-documented requirements
  • Involves a predefined delivery period and fixed budget
  • This model does not require close supervision of the client
To keep in mind limitations while choosing the Channel mode of subscription:
  • Target has to be met within the pre-defined timeframe, else the business opportunity can be revoked
  • Not a lifetime offer
  • Not industry specific

Software Partner Model The Time and Material Model of HRTrace

Consider a 30 % off on the subscription costs as a lifetime offer! It would not ever stop you from picking it up. During the software development process, the projects demand a certain amount of flexibility from all involved parties. HRTrace offers more control over the development progress and cost. The steps involved are:

  • Analysis of implementation specifics
  • Pricing distribution analysis
  • Prioritizing the tasks involved for development projects
  • Developing the functioning system.
  • Optimizing time and costs

Benefits provided by HRTrace:

  • A flat 30% off on subscription costs as a lifetime offer
  • The software partner model amounts to 20,000USD.
  • Perfect for large companies
  • Good for long-term projects that cannot predict the end product at its initial stages
  • Flexible
  • Cost effective especially in the long run
  • Low risk for both parties
  • Significant clients control over the project
  • Beneficial even after the target is met
Keeping in mind the limitations being:
  • No strictly defined time limits
  • No pre-defined project completion schedule
  • Clients involvement demands time and human resources

Industry Partner Model HRTraces Dedicated model

We come into the picture if you are running behind a developer team and yet not capable to do an in-house model, HRTrace is at your service at your own terms and conditions!

The dedicated HRTrace subscription model functions on project requirements. The client has full management over the project and team. It can manage resources and plan the whole work scope at their own idea and choice, by providing maximum benefit for themselves.

The HRTrace Benefits include:

  • The Industry Partner subscriptions would amount to 10,000 USD.
  • The targeted time frame being 24 months.
  • Suits long-term projects where the requirements are unclear and scope changes frequently
  • Configuration and maintenance are all headaches borne by the head company
  • Fully predictable budget
  • Workload and scope are not fixed but yet predictable costs
  • Complete control over the selection, motivation and management of dedicated team members who have proficient know how of the clients expectations and objectives
The Limitations would be:
  • Terms and Conditions would be applied on customization demands
  • Client must take active role in communications and negotiation
  • Client must invest a lot of time into the overall management

HRTrace provides all the above mentioned partner subscription models. Be it any sized project or any scale business, HRTrace has the simplest and most effective solution. we are there to cordially HELP!!

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