Leave management software

Leave management software

By HRTrace | Apr 04, 2019

Easily create and manage leave process with HR Trace

An employee leave management system is a software where the employees can apply forleaves and manage their time and attendance. HR Trace is a leave management software package good for corporations and organizations that wish to spice up worker productivity and performance.

In gone days employees have to use punch cards whenever they come in and go out of work. HR Trace ease the entire process. HR Trace is efficient in creating and maintaining records of employees securely. This helps you to trace the number of paid leaves, sick leaves and holidays that your employees are taken. This is often done additional accurately and firmly than the other currently obtainable systems of worker activity management.

HR Trace is incredibly straight forward to use and paperless web-based worker leave management software package designed specifically for businesses. By using this Employee evaluation software leave history can be review simply and extremely secure.

Stop taking the leave record of your workers over the papers and begin taking the help of the best and simplest leave management software. It is to urge the standing of leave, read attending records and to use for leave within the leave management software.It makes a smooth and easy method for leave and overtime following of any worker.

Some reasons why companies use an Employee Leave Management System

Know exact working hours of Employees

Leave Management Software allows you to track the working hours of each and every employee.

Approve or reject Employee leaves

As a manager of a specific department, you can approve or reject leaves of your staff .You can able to see the history of a specific worker, therefore you can decide whether or not to grant leave.

Know the remaining leave balance 

By using this HR management software employees can know their remaining leaves. So the employees can request for a paid or an unpaid leave according to their leave balance

Know the attendance With the Leave management software system, you'll be able to track your group action daily.

Inform every employee

Leave management system software package possess an important feature,where the admin department can post news or opening details. This way each worker of the corporate  are often notified within few seconds.

This leave management system software provides you the real picture of your employee’s work. You can identify who is giving enough efforts to your business otherwise you can encourage your staff to work better. Leave management platform is a mirror which is able to show every employee’s performance pitch excellent.

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