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HR Management Software

HR Trace or human resources management software is designed to automate human resources tasks that were previously done manually. In simple words, HR Trace is a software that integrates everyday enlisting and human resource activities.

Employee monitoring

Organizations interact in worker observation for various reasons like to trace performance, to avoid legal liability, to safeguard trade secrets, and to deal with alternative security issues.HR Trace is one of the best Computer monitoring software which helps to monitor everything your staff do, record everything in full detail for you to view. By using HR Trace you can easily monitor all the computers in your organization, and your staff, from one central location.

Payroll Management

Employee Payroll Management is one of the most crucial processes in any business, regardless of size, scope, or industry. It is one of the most important, but also one of the most time-consuming tasks that any company performs on a daily basis. HR Trace will enable businesses to save time and money, as well as avoid man-made errors. This payroll software system helps to ensure that the right amount is paid to the right employee.

Real-time monitoring software

HR Trace permits managers to stay tabs on their employees’ screen activity. HR Trace is a multipurpose tool for management of the workers and their group action records. This Screen Monitoring software provides the simplest way to perceive the productivity of workers, calculate operating time and time spent on every task. All this data mechanically generated and transferred into correct reports in the form of screenshots.

Fully customizable

HR Trace is a fully integrated Human Resources management software. This HR software is solution with customizable functions to suit every business from small companies through to global brands. HR Trace provides a completely customisable and paperless onboarding system and completely remove manual data entry from your business. HR software system is an ideal tool for business looking to move away from the old-fashioned spreadsheet way of working.

Employee Tracking Software
HR Trace is employee monitoring software and accurate time recording system that helps you know if your team is really productive. It is a web-based solution that provides time tracking, computer work monitoring, reminders, screenshot capturing, invoicing, reporting tools, and rather more. Through HR Trace you can see how your workers spend their days, in addition to every person's average productivity.
Automated HR System
Stop using spreadsheets for everything. The best hr software, HR Trace comes with all the functionality you and your employees need. Automate your HR tasks, avoid mistakes, and gain insights to your organization. Stop spending your valuable time on tasks that can be automated. Time off tracking, payroll, company benefits, everything runs seamlessly and automatically with this Human resource management System. Import all the holidays of your region easily and limit the amount of days available for each employee.
Payroll System
Pay day is the best day of the month. Ensure everyone is correctly processed and happy. HR Trace is particularly suited to solving complex payroll processing problems through its unique and extensible design. Whether you have 20 employees or 10,000, our payroll software solution can scale to suit your requirements. No more additional printed payslips or separate logins needed for workers to access their salary information. Once the payroll is processed and distributed, payslips and statements are generated through HR Trace and can be instantly accessed from this employee self-service portal.
Leave Management System
No more paperwork and spreadsheets, let your workers manage their own holidays and absences. You will no longer waste time managing holidays and absences of your employees. They can request their absences at any time and know the vacation days they have left from their profile. With HR Trace you can configure the different types of absence of your company and can supervise and approve employee absences. Stop taking the leave record of your workers over the papers and begin taking the help of the best and simplest leave management system
Employee Management System
HR Trace is the best HR software in India which helps to view and manage daily HR process, that lets businesses collate their employee and organisational data and streamline all HR process at one place. The web-based employee management system is well accessible from any corner of the world, which means 24/7 connectivity and access to valuable information from this platform. Communication, organization, and operations were never this easy. Moreover, it helps in accessing employee data, sending reminders and alerts, attendance tracking , maintaining complete work history, and simplifying nearly every other HR work. HR Trace is an ideal tool for simple, effortless employee management .
Employee Evaluation Software
HR Trace is ideal for companies looking to automate their existing process. This software identify, evaluate and elevate the many facets of your employee's performance. With this Staff performance evaluation software, tracking project profitability is no longer confusing, complex or expensive. Using HR Trace, you can easily and cheaply track which projects, and which employees, are driving the most profit to your company. This enables you to accurately forecast and improves the profit of your organisation. This Employee evaluation software, however, permits employers to watch every detail of their employees’ actions, communications within the workplace. This HR management software can be easily installed on the computer.

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Renu Anoop - MD at Godspeed visa

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Rajan Thomas - HR at Arandez InfoTech

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Martin - HR at Hr Trace

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