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Employee Salary Management Software

An efficient and prompt payroll is crucial to keep staff happy. HR Trace delivers a reliable and streamlined process, automating much of the manual work.

Salary information & History

HR Trace is a perfect software to eliminate the difficulty of tedious manual payroll calculations. With this payroll software, you can be sure that your employees are always paid on time. Each profile can store personal information and a photo, as well as details on benefits, salary history, time off, documents, training, and more.


HR Trace’s Payroll and Payslip Automation removes all the painful parts of manual payroll processing, from start to finish. With an easy single platform software, you can now set up pay runs to run automatically, and only get notified when you need. With less need for human involvement, you can free your staff from tedious paperwork with this payslip management system

Tax forms

HR Trace is the leading technology for businesses of any size to manage sales tax and trusted by more than 10,000 businesses. Founded to help managers to spend less time on sales tax and more time on growing the businesses . Let HR Trace automate your sales tax calculations, reporting, and filings in minutes.

Accurate Settlements

Pay your employees accurately, consistently and on-time. Automate all the necessary pay components including tax and prevent errors. This software will helps to reduce the admin load around payroll. You can get a clearer view of labour costs and spend less time fixing payroll errors.HR Trace combines every aspects of HR and payroll for simple workforce management and better business and employee performance. This Payroll software can setup and automate the most complex payroll procedures with ease and run your entire payroll process with a single click.

HR Trace is a best hr software tool for automated reporting, which enables you to completely automate report generation for your business. Report automation eliminates the need to manually generating reports, reducing the chance of errors and freeing up your time to analyze the data. This reporting software will automate your reports daily or weekly, by scheduling reports to be generated.
Real-time dashboards
This Real-Time analyzer software enable managers to collect, manage and analyze complex information faster and easier, making the organisation more productive, efficient and profitable. HR Trace helps you to identify potential issues like employees taking regular days off. By offering a current snapshot of operations at a granular level, organizations can resolve problems faster and with fewer mistakes..
Easy Compliance
HR Trace is a professional tax software which is up to date with tax and super legislation. This tax compliance software generates a Fair Work compliant pay advice and is Single Touch Payroll and Super software compliant management. HR Trace will calculate all types of statutory compliance. Arm yourself with taxation software that meet your needs today and grow with you tomorrow.
Audit functions
This best hr software will track all changes and identify unexpected pay increases, HR Trace will set maximum pay per employee, generate a bank file rather than key into your banking system. It includes data backup before pay processing. This human resource management software is an integrated system used to gather, store and analyze information about an organization's human resources. This is a simple payroll system which can manage a large workforce .
Faster processing
Manage your employees' amenities easily with HR Trace. Only enter one-off events like leave taken. Set up groups so one change updates all. This Salary Slip Software will automate overtime rates, allowances and deductions. Maintain time and days , enter hours as a decimal or minutes and do adjustment pays. Automatic salary calculation is based on daily or monthly attendance of all employees
Unlimited capacity
Unlimited capacity is the another feature of this Payroll software,HR Trace. There is no limits on number of employees, types of leave, bank accounts, pay elements or pay frequencies. This Employee Scheduling Software calculate allowances and deductions as percentage of pay, fixed or variable values. Through this the company can easily setup the salary structure and revision of each employee. This feature is very useful for getting information of employee salary history. The salary history includes all salary components.

"This software has helped us to boost our staff productivity by 40%."

Renu Anoop - MD at Godspeed visa

"By using this software we are able to accurately bill our clients."

Rajan Thomas - HR at Arandez InfoTech

"Now we are able to generate accurate invoices for our clients."

Martin - HR at Hr Trace

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