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Employee Management Software

HR Trace is the best HR software in India which helps to view and manage daily HR process. Let’s the businesses collate their employee and organisational data and streamline all HR process at one place.

Performance evaluation

Strengthen your employee productivity, profitability and engagement via meaningful, constructive and ongoing performance management software, HR Trace. This is a performance management software that incorporates elements of employee engagement .HR Trace is simple yet flexible & powerful enough to work with fast growing companies of all sizes. We provides organizations the ability to effortlessly manage employee performance and potential in a talented way.

Time Tracking

Employee Tracking Software , HR Trace is developed exclusively to centralize human resource management in an organization in the most effective time saving manner. Track the time your employees spend on each projects and tasks. Help your team work at 100%, improve your business results and stimulate the growth.

Attendance Management

Attendance management is effective only when it's real-time. Employees & managers need to fix issues and not at the end of the month. HR Trace attendance management system handles all aspects with simplicity and efficiency. You don’t need to depend on setting up swipe machines or other attendance systems. In HR Trace attendance data is seamlessly integrated with the payroll module.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management Software can setup and automate the most complex payroll procedures with ease and run your entire payroll process with a single click. This software will helps to reduce the admin load around payroll. You can get a clearer view of labour costs and spend less time fixing payroll errors. It will keep a record of all available salary structures and assign the best amount to the right candidate. Payroll processing was never so smooth without HR Trace.

Analytics and Reporting
Make better decisions based on real data about your workforce and your business with HR Trace. Select the data you want to analyze, choose how you want to see it and filter only those that interest you. Once the report is created, you can download it in any format or share it in your meetings. HR Trace is a unique and customizable space from which you can organize all the data of your company in real time.
Activity Tracking
Activity Tracking software, HR Trace allows managers and admins to trace and collect employee's real-time user actions and behavior informations on company networks, connected devices, and monitored workstations. With the increase in open access to the web and a more relaxed work atmosphere, it is possible for team members to misuse the company’s resources.
Payslip Automation
Easily and securely manage all monthly payslips of your employees with HR Trace. You can upload them once to each employee’s portal. From there, your employees can consult their past payslips whenever they want from one single place. This fully automatic portal empowers employees to engage and receive updates on their device of choice
Leave Process
Stop taking the leave record of your workers over the papers and begin taking the help of the best and simplest leave management software.HR Trace is incredibly straight forward to use and paperless web-based worker leave management software package designed specifically for businesses.An employee leave management system is a software where the employees can apply for leaves and manage their time and attendance.As a manager of a specific department, you can approve or reject leaves of your staff.
Managing Daily Office Reports
HR Trace records everything done or not done that day, any milestones reached, and also the form of work performed. This daily report software detail everything from the number of employees present to the hours they worked. HR Trace, the daily report software system ought to be ready to track all daily activities to avoid the last minute monthly reports and calculations. By using this Employee management software you can manage the daily office reports more easier.
Tax calculation
As your business grows, keeping track of all the forms, financial statements and returns is very important. HR Trace can automatically calculates a user's tax liabilities to the government, keeps track of all transactions, keeps track of eligible tax credits, etc. With the most powerful employee management software you can confidently achieve compliance and reporting to the highest standards and will minimise human error. Transform your tax department to HR Trace.

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Rajan Thomas - HR at Arandez InfoTech

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Martin - HR at Hr Trace

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