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Why HRTRace?

Monthly payslips and counting your staff leaves will no more give you hiccups! Managing your profits and losses, expenses can be generated and managed automatically with HRTRace!!

Employee Performance Tracking

Tracking employee hours of work were never this easy before! With HRTrace, not only scheduled email alerts can be sent to employees to check on their goal progress, but also employee login and off timings are easily monitored and calculated and sent. Also, one can review employee forms as and when they are completed.

Employee time tracking software

Real-time screenshots

The automated screenshot capture ability helps companies to track, manage and report human resource issues. This helps companies to avoid employee misconduct, harassment, grievances etc. Moreover, HRTrace lets employees clock in from their mobile devices and gain employee information at their fingertip! Gaining real-time insights into employee performance is just a click away with HRTrace.

Screenshot software

Payroll and Payslip Automation

The user interface of HRTrace enables automated salary workflows. This includes both in-house as well as remote payroll calculation. Easy monthly expenses are calculated and reported and this is yet another golden feature. Calculation and payment of taxes can be automatically processed. Avoiding late payments from the client side is the smarter move of HRTrace!

Productivity tracking

Highly customizable

Custom profiles and requirements are tailor-fit with HRTrace. It lets managers to conduct all HR activities from a single location and boost HR efficiency by letting employees update their respective data. Users can create, and publish schedules with just a click and also notify the entire team. Managers can cater for timesheets, schedules and employee communications as required. Custom profiles can be created and managed. All essential HR functions like personnel files, directories and organisation charts are covered by the HRTrace solution.

Virtual team management
Payslip Automation
HRTrace helps in processing employee payslips and computes salaries automatically. Be it payroll processing for in house members or for remote members, accurate salaries are calculated automatically with the help of an online list that verifies data and processes respective payrolls, keeping in mind all statutory deductions. The deductions could be loss of pay, arrears, loan and various other deductions.
Automatic Invoices Generation
Most companies find it hard to track invoices which makes it difficult for you to get paid by the client on time. Yet another difficulty is when you have to chase them up when your clients payment is overdue! HRTrace enables you to capture all your receipts on your mobile device. This is ensured because HRTrace has an efficient real-time dashboard that keeps all your financial transactions recorded in an up-to-date fashion.
Attendance and Leave Tracking
HRTrace deals with the crucial aspect of creating and maintaining records of employees securely. This helps you to track the number of paid leaves, sick leaves and holidays that your employees are originally entitled to. This is done more accurately and securely than any other now available systems of employee activity management.
Monthly Expense Calculation
HRTRace helps avoiding the last minute hassles of monthly calculation vanish. Automatic comparison of hours paid with time allocated to these tasks are made automatic. Graphic indicators of HRTrace allow you to track allocated working hours and thereby easily calculate expenses in real-time. This paves your way to also know your budget forecasts along with ensured perfect results. With HRTrace, you can manage your finances effectively.
Zero percent Accounting Costs
A HR’s individual performance has a direct impact on the accounting cost. This individual performance depends on his/her organizational behaviour. HRTrace provides a positive impact on the HR’s organizational behaviour by providing the best of the available HR solutions. It keeps track of cost analysis, benefits, budget analysis, financial recording and the budget limits.
Real-time monitoring
HRTrace is tailored to meet all your activity tracking needs with customized data entry and validation services. To boost your time capital, HRTrace provides operational efficiency, budget and activity planning by monitoring employee presence and absence, scheduling the workload and assessing performance, progress, profitability, service rates and so on. It even cuts down the time spent in checking and collecting activity data because it is evaluated on a real-time basis. It also helps you to get your client to pay you on time.

"This software has helped us to boost our staff productivity by 40%."

Renu Anoop - MD at Godspeed visa

"By using this software we are able to accurately bill our clients."

Rajan Thomas - HR at Arandez InfoTech

"Now we are able to generate accurate invoices for our clients."

Martin - HR at Hr Trace

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