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Ever felt like taking the pain of HR manual tasks and paperwork away? Managing your staff while you enjoy a cup of coffee peacefully at home can no more be an uphill battle! Or is making sure your client pays you on time your botheration?

Employee Time Tracking Software

Why HR Trace?

HRTrace is a mobile friendly application that is jam-packed with all the best HR solutions including payroll and payslip automation, employee analytics and report tracking, monitoring of real-time employee screenshots from anytime and anywhere in the world.

Time Tracker

Managing work time of employees by using HRTrace Time tracker is an easy task. All you have to do is to register the required employees then send them the login details an they just have to use the start and stop button in HRTrace. Admin/Employer can check their break times,their work activity level and also the attendance. You can export the reports and can also build your required clients easily. This is very useful in reporting the employee payments if they are working on hourly basis.

Employee Monitoring

Project Tracker

HRTrace project tracker is a simple way to calculate the working hours of an employee based on client, project and task. The employer or company has to register employees in our hr trace portal for project tracking. This allows the employer or admin to connect with the employees and projects. Company or admin can generate reports based on project or tasks. Using our wonderful valet system, they can decide and report the employee payments accordingly.

Project Management Software

Real-time screenshot capture

HRTrace comes with automated screenshot capture ability. It helps the company to track, manage and report human resources issues. This helps companies to avoid employee misconduct , harrassment, e.t.c. . Moreover, HRTrace lets employees clock in from their mobile devices. The screenshot storage is decided by their admin packages taken from HRTrace portal.

Employee Time Tracking Software

Highly customizable

HRTrace allows the companies to create invoice based on the products or services in accordance with the tax calculations. Automatical invoices can also be created based on the time or project tracker which is used by the employees. These invoices can be send to the clients along with the employee tracking reports generated from our fabulous, all-in-one tracking technology. This way, your clients will be very easily convinced.

Screenshot Software

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HRTRace Features

Employee Payments
HRTrace allows a company or admin to manage the employee payroll. Employee valet system also allows to get detail statements and reports from employee portals. Company or employees has the oppurtunity to record the payments based on the project, time or clients
Real-time monitoring
Workforce scheduling, monitoring HR activity, access controls and time management are all necessary services. HRTrace provides an interconnected set of HR solutions that can efficiently track from Day One.
Monthly Expense Calculation
HRTrace offers the best job costing solution! Analysis of job costing is an important feature that lets your concerns about the last minute monthly calculation vanish.
Clients Login
Client login can be created in HRTrace to view their project activity, real time status of the tasks and their payment for work. Clients can check the real time screenshots of the employees who are involved in their project. HRTrace offers the best stress-free solution to both employees and clients.
Manual Time
Employee can request the manual time when they are attending the meetings, on-site or any other company purposes. The manual time can be currently approved by the admins. After approving the manual time, the requested hours will be enrolled to employee working hours. This is also charged to clients in the same manner as online tracking hours.
Attendance and Leave Management
Employee leave management is hard to keep track by most companies. But not anymore! HRTrace deals with the crucial aspect of creating and maintaining records of employees securely.

"This software has helped us to boost our staff productivity by 40%."

Renu Anoop - MD at Godspeed visa

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Rajan Thomas - HR at Arandez InfoTech

"Now we are able to generate accurate invoices for our clients."

Martin - HR at Hr Trace

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